Welcome to the AECED project

Democracy isn’t simply a technical process that involves you learning about its history, principles, rules and institutions. Democracy is a way of governing and a way of relating to each other that is a here-and-now experience. To understand and get a feel for democracy, you have to sense and negotiate it from your body in a lived, relational environment. Yet this is often overlooked in education for democracy. AECED aims to enhance and transform the role of aesthetic and embodied learning in education for democracy. Through groundbreaking participatory research, AECED is developing a pedagogical framework and guides to practice that will inspire and activate new ways of educating for democracy.

The AECED project commenced in April 2023, supported by a grant from Horizon Europe and UKRI.

This website is currently under construction. While we develop this page, you can learn more about the project and keep up with our latest news here on the University of Lapland’s website. You can also follow us on X and LinkedIn.