Nurturing democratic values

Designing collaborative learning processes and settings based on participation and inclusive values.

Cultivating love for the world and the people in it, faith in humankind and hope.

Creating safer spaces led by care, in which learners and educators co-think, co-work and co-become.

Deepening situational sensitivity to diverse local cultures, place, participants, policy and power dynamics.

Fostering interaction and reflection throughout the process.

Promoting a respectful and just learning environment where all students have a fair opportunity to fully participate in learning.

Providing learners with opportunities to inhabit multiple roles in the learning process: leaders and followers, teachers and students, actors and spectators, politicians and voters, employers and employees.

Creating opportunities to reflect on and challenge inequalities; searching for ways to support and empower each other.

Creating a culture that encourages appreciation and use of one’s own freedom for self-expression, foregrounding mutual respect and non-violence.

Building an environment that works to dismantle oppression, challenges othering, bullying or victimising behaviour, and encourages openness to oneself and others.

Deepening understanding that our freedom is based on the freedom of others and is not a freedom of the isolated individual.